Saturday, October 29, 2011

Back burner blogging

Blogging has taken a back burner in my life.
Itsa shame, really.  I like to write.  As I sit here listening to my family make pancakes in the kitchen (mama doesn't make pancakes...mama drinks coffee while the pancakes are being made), it feels nice to sit and put my thoughts into words.  I should really do this more often...
So very are some things that are sitting on  the FRONT burners of my life.
--Both kids are playing soccer. There is a very LARGE difference between a U8  (Grace) game and a U4 (Sam) game.  Imagine trying to herd drunk cats...this is very similar to watching 8 three and four year olds chase a soccer ball around a field. 
--Both kids are in school.
--We renovated our kitchen.  Pictures to come...maybe.  I'm not making any promises, said the girl who hasn't blogged in 2 months.
--The weather has been gorgeous.  We spend most of our "at home" time outside.  Lots of outside time = very sleepy children.  Love this.
--I made the kids Halloween costumes this year.  Pictures to come...well...maybe...see above statement re. pictures.
--Earl has been traveling. 
Honestly I sit here, I can't think of much more.  I know there's more, perhaps I need another cup of coffee.  Maybe I'm just rusty on this whole blogging business.  How about some pictures...when in doubt, post pictures.
Sam...helping Earl pack. 
 Earl, demoing the kitchen...isn't he darling?! 
And Grace.  Crazy, silly, bouncing Grace.
Alright...there is coffee to be consumed and soccer shin guards to be put on.
I'm out.