Sunday, December 28, 2008

Things Grace says...

Here are some things that Grace says incorrectly...I don't have the heart to correct her...she's just too dang cute. She's growing up too fast as it is anyway. I will put the "Grace" words in goes...
--"Mom, this food is cold...could you put it in the microphone?" (meaning microwave)
--"Hey Dad, can you do me a favorite?" (meaning favor)
--"Be careful....that is very break-a-full" (meaning breakable)
--*Said when "helping" me put on my make-up in the morning* "Mom, are you going to put on your eyebrowns?" (meaning use my eyebrow pencil)
--At night she waves her "magic wand" and we turn her light out right after she says "Bibbety-Bobbity-Boo." Lately though, she's been saying "Bibbety-Bobbity-Kangaroo"

That's not the half of it...I just can't remember anymore right now...I'll add more as they come to me. She is an absolute JOY...and quite a clown. Life is never dull with Grace Ellen.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sam's first snow day!

Well, this is the first "big" snow of the year--a little over 3 inches--and enough to keep us indoors for about 24 hours. When Danny got home from work he felt the need to shovel the driveway and invited Grace to join him. Thanks for the pink snowsuit, GrandTone! We are using it!! Sam wasn't so sure of the whole situation--from the bulky snowsuit, to being plopped right down in the middle of the cold, white stuff. But he sat calmly as mommy snapped picture after picture--such a tolerant boy. This is old news to big sister and she absolutely LOVES snow...we had to coax her back indoors with the promise of hot cocoa!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

As heard in a conversation between Earl and Grace (we were driving in the car at night, it was--of course--dark in the car, and Grace was trying to read her book)
Grace: "Daddy, turn on the light"
Earl: "No Grace, it's not safe to turn on the light when you're driving the car at night"
Grace: "DADDEEE...turn on the LIGHT"
Earl: "Grace, I said 'NO'"
Grace: "Daddy...I can't seeeeee...turn on the light"
This went on--back and forth, back and forth--for a good 10 minutes, then Grace pushed her daddy a bit too far and asked ONE last time...
Grace: "Dad...turn on the light...I can't see my book"
Earl: "Grace...if you ask me to turn the light on again, I will give you a swat when we get home"
**silence in the backseat**
Then...very quietly....Grace: "Hmmm...if I had a big light I could sure see this book better..."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I cannot begin to imagine
the emotions she felt.
I remember,
the first time I held my children,
slippery newborns, blinking in the light.
I remember the wave of pain,
the "surge" of labor,
the fear,
the excitement,
the uncertainty that is life.
My body,
bringing life into this world...
But I cannot begin to imagine
What must it have been like
to feel that same surge,
to hear Jesus
to cradle his slippery newborn body,
to put Him to her breast and
that the Savior of the world
has come?
She held the King of Kings.
She kissed His sweet baby face.
I am certain she counted His fingers and toes
and wondered what color His eyes would be.
I marvel at my own children;
At their tiny fingers and sparkling eyes.
I drink in their smell.
I kiss them as they sleep,
and my mind is overwhelmed with joy,
and worry,
and love.
But I cannot begin to imagine
What must she have pondered
and tucked away in her heart?
The thought overwhelms me
humbles me
brings me to my knees

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I get this stuff twice a year. It is something I have inherited from my momma...cheers to the gene pool. BRONCHITIS. Lovely, just lovely. I'm nursing people...yes, sustaining human life with my very own breasts. It's one of my superpowers. *cue music and tight costume* What does breastfeeding have to do with bronchitis you ask....lots. The most wonderful thing is that Sam is getting all of my lovely immunities in the liquid gold that is breast milk and will likely NOT get a touch of the crud...if he does, it will be very mild. (I told Danny I was thinking of drinking my OWN breast milk with my coffee this morning...he did not scoff at the idea...he how he has grown in 6+ years) There are other things however that make having both bronchitis and a breastfeeding baby complicated.
1) Bronchitis=coughing. And in MY case, a seal-like barking cough. Most violent and loud. This keeps me from sleeping and has been known to wake my sleeping baby (he is a light his momma)
2) I am a stay at home momma. That is my job. If I had any other "normal" job and contracted a nasty case of bronchitis, I would call my employer and take a day to rest to recuperate. Ha ha ha ha...have you MET my employers?? They would not let me "call in" (I tried)...and often act JUST LIKE CHILDREN. I cannot call job doesn't "end" I type--comfortable curled in my chair--employer #2 is escaping down the hallway toward the toilet "Yay, fun! Water play!" ACK!
3) When I get bronchitis, PLEASE don't tell me to "drink hot tea" and "get lots of rest" and all of that other holistic crap. I truly believe in being "hippy" about lots of things (breastfeeding, cloth diapers, recycling, thrift stores...) but I also believe in the power of medicine. GIVE ME DRUGS....bring 'em on. Cough suppressant, expectorant, decongestant...GIVE 'EM. BUT all of these medicines effect Sam's milk in one way or another. Decongestant dries ALL bodily secretions, including breast milk. Cough medicines are transferred to milk and often make a baby VERY groggy...scary stuff. And so I am left with "hot tea" and "lots of rest" Ha ha ha ha ha...right. Can you put whiskey in hot tea?
4) And finally the worst part of it all. I have NO voice. I am a MOTHER...I yell...sometimes a lot. I also sing my children to sleep. I miss my voice when it is gone (Danny doesn't and I'm beginning Grace is starting to "catch on" to the fact that mommy has lost another one of her "superpowers") It is rather frustrating to be so silent when the world around me is aflutter with talk. Sam said "Dada" yesterday--BOTH of my offspring's first word (figures)....normally I would be IN HIS FACE encouraging him to say "mama mama mama". I like to talk and yell and sing...But, as Grace says, my throat is "cracked"....
So please...pray for me...but don't call me and tell me to "drink hot tea" would be a one-sided conversation after all...