Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Post everyday in June...WHAT was I thinking?!  Yeh, epic fail.And don't get your hopes up on a post today.
The number of little boys in my house just tripled.  I'm kinda loving it to tell you the truth.  Little boys are fun!  And they have cool toys.  And their "drama-factor" is relatively low when compared to my 6 year old sequined diva. 
little boys never. stop. moving.  They run everywhere.  They ask a lot of questions about how things work. They are loud.  They make noises you don't have to teach them...noises burned into their little male DNA that girls and women can never make no matter how hard they try.  Gun noises and explosion noises and car engine noises.  It's fascinating to me.  They also require lots of what the experts call "large muscle group activity" and they go through wet wipes by the dozens.  The word "sticky" doesn't even begin to describe it. 
So there will be no posting today.  Maybe tonight...but today?  Well today I am busy finding Spiderman's web and digging nerf darts out of my hair.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

ONE post in May? Really?!

I think I see spiderwebs forming on my blog.  Crickets are chirping.  The lights are on but nobody's home.  Was that a tumbleweed I just saw blow by?
This lack of blogging is pathetic.
Grace's tooth loss was NOT the only thing that happened in our family during the month of May.
There was a dance recital and soccer games.  Our resident 6 year old got her ears pierced with Hello Kitty earrings.  Paw-paw came to visit and brought diamond earrings to replace Hello Kitty.  There was a school music program and a new roof.  The dogs got a bath.  I taught Sunday school.  Both kids got raging ear infections.  The cat killed her quota of bunnies and is now quarantined inside permanently.  GrandTone came to visit.  Tomatoes were planted, then burned by a late freeze and new tomatoes were planted in their place.  A rain barrel was installed and filled and emptied and filled again.  We've had lots of rain.  There was a devastating tornado in Joplin, then a week later a tornado warning in Kansas City and a morning spent in the basement closet eating cantaloupe and watching Gary Lezak.  We celebrated a birthday and mother's day.  The birthday girl got a new Keurig coffee pot and pearl earrings...and she is in. love.  I took a wagon-full of snow cone makin's up to the school and made snow cones for an entire Kindergarten class.  Earl and I went to see The Hangover 2.  Not a great your money and rent it.  Also make 100% certain that the children are in asleep. when you watch it.  Totally not a movie for little eyes.  We ALL went to see Kung Fu Panda 2.  A GREAT sequel...spend your money, take your children, and go see it.
May was busy.  The blog suffered.  And so now I am choosing to do what I did a few months everyday in the month of June.  But just like last time...I'm not making any promises.  Grace is out of school now.  I have both kids at home and the fighting has already started.  Phrases have come out of my mouth like "WORK IT OUT!  If you can't work it out between yourselves, then I'LL work it out and you won't like my solution one BIT!!" and "He's the ONLY brother you're ever gonna have!  Someday I'll be old and crazy, but you'll still have your brother!  BE NICE TO HIM!" and--if I had a nickel for every time I said this one I'd be a millionaire--"Stop squeezing/sitting on/kicking/shooting nerf bullets at the cat!"
It's gonna be a long couple of months...
Pray for me...